Naked Cosmetics
Naked Cosmetics The Company

Naked Cosmetics is an Internationally Distributed Professional Cosmetic Line. Production of our Line began in 2005,
designed by a 4 person team with over 60 years combined experience in the Cosmetics and Beauty Industry.

Naked Cosmetics is manufactured in the USA
in Florida's Tampa Bay Area.
Naked Cosmetics specializes in the High-End, Natural, High Pigment Colors.

Our Product:

Every product in the Naked Cosmetics Line is tried and tested to be the highest quality in its individual category.

Naked Cosmetics is known for Mica Pigments.  What makes us different?  Our Mica Pigment Colors are made from Superior Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder.  Our Mica Colors are Blended to provide a deeper richer color.  Our colors are 100% Oxidized Mica.  No Talc, Oil, Wax or Other Fillers are Added or blended to the product.  They are Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic.

We strive to keep our products as Natural as possible. 

Where to Find Naked Cosmetics:

Naked Cosmetics is distributed in Salons/Spas/Studios and through Industry Professionals. 

Are you In the Beauty Industry? Naked Cosmetics does Pro Beauty shows worldwide. Follow us in Twitter to find our next venue! Our products are also available ONLINE

You can find the Complete Naked Cosmetics Line at:

**Nigels Beauty Emporium - Los Angeles WEBSITE
**Alcone Company - New York City  WEBSITE