Naked Cosmetics
Quick Application Tips for Naked Cosmetics Pigments:

  Eye Shadow- Using a brush or sponge applicator, dip lightly into the the color and apply to the lid just like any other eyeshadow!

Pro Tip:Apply using a damp applicator for a more dramatic look. For a matte finish and to neutralize oils, use Naked Cosmetics Shadow Base as a primer.

  Eye Liner- Use a 1/4 inch angle liner brush. Wet brush and dip lightly into the desired color. Apply to lash line.

Pro Tip: Touch a wet eyeliner brush into the color and mix on palette until desired consistency is reached. Add powder or water to adjust consistency.

  Lips-Apply a clear gloss or lipstick to your lips. Touch a lip brush or your finger into the desired color and blend it right on your lips!

Using Naked Cosmetics clear lip gloss, you can also mix a whole container to create your own shade of gloss or lipstick to take with you on the go.

  Bronzer-Using Naked Advanced Skin Cream or Moisturizer of your choice, mix a small amount of your desired color and the lotion in your hand or on a palette until you find desired shade and intensity. Apply to face and Body.

  Temporary Hair Highlights-Apply color using a brush matching desired width of highlight. Dip brush into desired color, and apply to hair starting at root and pull to end in one smooth stroke. Set color with your favorite hairspray.